Founded in Ankara in 1967, the aim of the Turkish Social Sciences Association (TSSA) is to promote social sciences for public benefit in Turkey. TSSA gathers and supports scholars working in various fields of social sciences.

The objectives of TSSA include, “promoting and encouraging the advancement of social sciences in Turkey, supporting empirical research in social sciences and contributing to the enhancement of public discussion by means of research”. To promote communication among social scientist and to encourage collaboration both nationally and internationally for the advancement of social sciences are also among the objectives of the Association.

In line with its objectives, TSSA conducts research projects, mediates communication between researchers and funding bodies, recognizes and celebrates outstanding contributions, and engages in dissemination activities by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and by publishing selected contributions to social sciences.

TSSA is a member of

The Council of National Associations of International Sociological Association;

Scholars at Risk Network       

The Executive Board of the Turkish Social Sciences Association (2018-20) was elected in the general meeting on April 21, 2018. The Board is as follows:

President                  : Galip Yalman          

Vice President         : Mustafa Şen

Secretary General : Aylin Topal

Treasurer                  : Gülbiye Yenimahalleli Yaşar

Member                     : Ebru Voyvoda

Member                     : Pınar Bedirhanoğlu

Member                     : Havva Ezgi Doğru